A day at the Zoo

The littles have been wanting to spend a nice day at the zoo with papa in tow for quite a while. Couple that with the extreme desire to see the stingrays from Stingray Bay before they close for the year and a trip to Brookfield Zoo was a natural for this week.

Aside from the stingrays, the other must for this trip to the zoo was the dolphin show. The show was closed for a while as they renovated the stadium. The kids had wanted to see the show on a previous trip but were disappointed by the closure. This time, we made it a priority. First thing, we set off for the show.

After that, it more of a casual stroll around the zoo. The weather was very nice. We headed over to the “farm zoo,” the old children’s zoo where they have a fair amount of domestic animals and a farm setting.

We stopped for a picnic lunch near the fountain. This is where Daniel lost a tooth!

From lunch, we went into Tropic World. We hadn’t been through for a while.

After Tropic World, we wandered around the new bear exhibit, stopped at some funny signs you stick your head through, and saw the giraffes and rhinoceros.

It was starting to get late, so from here we headed to Stingray Bay. We learned that these rays they had this year came from Florida and would be returned to the ocean at the end of the season.

The zoo was closing at this point so it was time to head home. The littles were all asleep before we got home. It was a very nice day.

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