Cosley Zoo and the Rochelle Rairoad Park

Wednesday was another day at home for us, but Thursday was a busy day. We decided to visit both Cosley Zoo and to stay a while at the Rochelle Railroad Park.

First stop was Cosley Zoo. Cosley is a small zoo run by the Wheaton Park District. It is a nice local zoo that is not often crowded. The first building you see as you come in (aside from the ticket booth) is an old railroad depot with a caboose parked in front. Inside the caboose are some puzzles and exhibits for kids.

The zoo has mostly domestic animals, with a large duck pond, pigs and chickens around the depot. It does have some wild life too including deer, fox and various birds. Jason was smitten with the fox.

The kids enjoyed running around. They were pretending to be all sorts of animals. This is a nice small local zoo that is worth a visit. It doesn’t take a full day to see it all, but you could easily spend the whole day there.

We finished with the zoo just before lunch time. We loaded up and headed to Rochelle. The weather was nice, though somewhat chilly. On our way to the park this time, we drove by the Union Pacific intermodal yard that is nearby. There wasn’t too much to see. The yard is mostly blocked from view by large berms. When we got to the park, we headed over to the shelter. The shelter is built on raised area overlooking the crossing. The crossing is where two lines of the Union Pacific cross two from the BNSF railway. It is known as the double diamond.

We decided to take some photos by the shelter.

Since I like model railroads, one of the main things I wanted to do this day was take lots of photos for reference. I had also intended to take some video, but the battery on my camcorder had given out.

Daniel got into the action taking photos too.

I also managed to get a few nice photos of the kids.

The park has a couple of old engines on the premises to look at. One of them the kids get to climb on. I believe they were built in Rochelle originally.

Across the tracks, there is an old Milwaukee Road caboose. The kids were able to climb on it, but it was closed so we couldn’t get in. It does open and I believe there is a small museum inside.

We had a nice day watching trains at the park. On the way out of town, we decided to take some back roads and to do a little driving to see what else could be seen of the railroads in Rochelle. We got a glimpse of an unusually painted BNSF engine.

It was getting late in the day, so we headed for home. It was another nice day out and we had more planned for the next day, so off we went. Tomorrow another adventure awaited us.

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