The Zoo, the Kratt Brothers, and the Train

[Note: This was written back in July and not posted till now]

Yesterday at the Brookfield Zoo the Kratt Brothers, stars of such children’s shows as Zoboomafoo, made an appearance and hosted two shows. The kids are pretty big fans of Zoboomafoo and were excited to go see them. Em and I talked it over and we decided to make it a double whammy and take the train to the zoo. We checked the Metra schedule and the times for the shows and it would all work out if we got out of the house pretty early.

The kids were motivated! They were very excited about the outing and got themselves up and ready in time. Off we went to the zoo on the train!

Even though we were on the lawn 45 minutes before the show was due to start, we were pretty far from the stage. When the show started, it was difficult to even hear the show. There was an isle in the middle of the crowd for the Kratt brothers to walk up and announcements were made to keep the isle clear during the show. That didn’t happen. I bunch of people flooded in and rushed to the front. We decided it was pointless to stay. There was a second show later, so we figured we’d stake out a better spot for the second show and see some of the zoo in the interim.

When we got back to the lawn were the show was, it was lunch time so we spread our blanket and dug in. After eating, I took Daniel, Jason and Meredith with me and we saw the wolves and bears. We returned before the show started, but had quite the crowd to get through to get back to Em and Malcolm. Jason wasn’t very interested in the show, so I took him around to see more animals while the rest of the family enjoyed the Kratt brothers’ singing and story telling.

Once the show was over and we found each other, we headed back to the train station for the trip home. It was a good time and I think the kids all enjoyed their experiences. Jason got to see the animals he wanted to see. He found different animals to represent his siblings by their numbers (8 meerkats for Daniel, 3 camels for Meredith, 5 giraffes for Jason and 1 tiger for Malcolm). Daniel and Meredith got to sing and dance with the Kratt Brothers. We all had a nice day together.

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