Advent Calendar Day 14: Visit Cosley Zoo

The littles are big fans of Cosley Zoo. We’ve visited it several times in the past. Like other area zoos, Cosley decorates itself in lights for the Christmas season. Day 14 had us visiting to see the light show.

It was a cold night, so the kids were bundled up well. I should have been too, but I had forgotten where I’d put my gloves. In the end, they were in the bag I bring to work, so I had them with me, I just forgot. Anyway, Em and the kids came by my work to pick me up. We drove over to see the zoo.

It wasn’t very crowded which was nice for us. The kids got a kick out of the dinosaur lights in the front of the zoo. We walked around the duck pond and over into the big barn. We spent some time visiting the animals in the barn and then went over to the chickens and bunny in their building. We walked around the outside pens with their light shows, trying to see the animals in the dark. Jason was disappointed that the foxes couldn’t be seen, but he did look at the owls and other birds around the corner.

After the customary watching Daniel pretending to be a train pass by the station, we headed to the van to head back home. Quite a nice light show despite the cold. I think the kids would have liked to stay longer, but it was also obvious the cold was getting to them. We’ll have to try this again next year.

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