Advent Calendar Day 17: Snake Ornaments at Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Day 17 had us returning to Willowbrook Wildlife Center for another craft. This time, Mama and Malcolm stayed home so Mama could work on a few things. We didn’t know what to expect of the craft.

In the end, it was making snakes out of Crayola Model Magic. The kids got their balls of the material and rolled them out into their snake shapes. Daniel mixed blue and yellow to make a green color that they all used. They enjoyed the craft, but it didn’t take too long.

As we were leaving the craft area, one of the volunteers asked if the kids wanted to pet a rat. They have a couple of pet rats, so she pulled one out and they each pet it’s back gently. After the rat, it was back to the displays in the the building. The snakes were more active this time which the kids quite enjoyed. They also got to see the flying squirrel poking its head out, which it hadn’t last time.

We walked around the outdoor pens again, but this time we were ready to walk one of the longer trails. We walked around and found another outdoor pen with sandhill cranes. They were really big and made some interesting noises.

We continued our walk around, but when we got to the entrance, the gates were closed. Not only were the gates closed, they were locked. According to my clock, they should have been open another few minutes, but that hardly matters as they were closed and locked. What to do? Daniel got mad and wanted to break the gate down, but I told him to be calm and that we should look around. Sure enough, there was a sign saying to look for an escape path that takes you around the fence and to the parking lot. Off we went and found the way out.

It was a thrilling adventure, and a shame Mama missed this particular aspect. Perhaps we’ll get locked in again sometime in the future.

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