Advent Calendar Day 18: Wannemakers

Last year, we went to Wannemakers and looked at all their trees and decorations and the kids had a blast. We decided we’d do the same this year. They each got to pick an ornament for the tree last year so we planned on the same for this year.

It seems we waited a bit too long this year, or Wannemakers changed how they did their displays. Last year they had several trees all done up in different themes. Those were missing this year, or were sold before we visited. Still, the kids got to look and choose ornaments for the tree. Jason had his heart set on a snowy owl that wasn’t so much an ornament as a bird decoration meant to sit on a shelf or something. We talked him into something that could actually fit on the tree. He chose an eagle.

For Daniel, the choice was a nice glass train ornament. For Meredith, it was sparkly pink presents. Malcolm’s ornament is a glass snowman. They all went on the tree that night.

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