A Night at the Drive-in

Sometimes you just need to grab the opportunity when it presents itself. This was one of those times. We were really interested in seeing the movie Brave. Not just me and the kids, but Emily as well, which left us with a problem. How could we all go to a movie with Malcolm being so young?

The answer lay with something else we had wanted to do, but we didn’t know it just yet. Em had wanted for a long time to take the family to a drive-in movie. I don’t remember what made me check at just that time, but I looked and saw they were playing a double feature featuring Brave and Madagascar 3 at the Cascade Drive-in. That sounded good. Only trouble it, it was the last night for that line-up. It was changing the next day. We made the decision to go for it that night.

This meant a quick and early dinner for the kids so we could get out there in time. We had been told you had to get there early or there would be a line to get in. It was hot that night, so we didn’t think it would get too busy, but we didn’t want to risk it so we hurried out there. We got there in plenty of time. It was not a full lot by the time the movie started, but we had a good spot thanks to our early arrival.

So, how’d it go? The kids were mostly good. They enjoyed the movies, not talking too much. They enjoyed their snacks and sat in their chairs, except for Meredith who wanted to snuggle next to Em most of the time. Malcolm on the other hand did not want to stay put. He wanted to run around and more than once darted off and had to be caught. Mind you, Em still had her foot in the walking cast at this time and couldn’t move very fast.

Aside from Malcolm, the mosquitoes were a real problem. They were annoying that night, but for me in particular, they caused me trouble for a while afterward. Lessons for future trips, be prepared for the mosquitoes. Speaking of future trips, I think we’ll save those for cooler weather. That night in particular was very hot and uncomfortable. Cooler weather would be more our style.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a good time. It could have been better. They were sold out of soft serve ice cream which would have been a delight on that night, but it was still fun. The kids liked it well enough to stay awake through both movies. That really surprised me. Malcolm was the only one to fall asleep before we left.

Mark another experience as done for the Smeltzers and note the lessons learned. Be prepared for mosquitoes, find a way to keep Malcolm happy in or near the vehicle, and wait till cooler weather. And as always, stay quiet and enjoy the show!

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