First Time Fishing

For a very long time, Daniel has wanted to go fishing. He’s had the fishing pole for a long time, but we’ve never gotten around to actually getting out there to use it. Then, a lucky coincidence found us rediscovering a program put on by the DuPage Forest Preserve District. There was space in the program for July 3rd, so Em got us booked and things were in motion.

This was a basic fishing class for kids. It was perfect. I hadn’t been fishing in quite a while. In fact, while getting my old tackle box out, I’d found my last fishing license was from 1992. This class would mean we could learn together and the things I didn’t know or didn’t remember would be all sorted out by people with much more recent experience.

The class was open to those six and up, which meant Daniel and Jason could go, but Meredith was too young. Em took Meredith and Malcolm to a splash pad while I took the older boys to the class.

To be honest, it wasn’t much of a class. We went over the very basics, but that was all that was necessary. The main point was to get them fishing. And fish they did! Within moments of getting their lines in the water, they had both caught fish! I helped Jason while one of the people helping with the class assisted Daniel. The fishing went on from there with Daniel catching somewhere around 10 fish and Jason at least 8. We had lost count. Jason caught one of, if not the, largest fish of the evening.

The fishing was all catch and release, which was fine. The have caught the bug now and want to fish again. Since we used wax worms in the class, that’s what I’m told I have to get for our next trip. I will oblige. They were cleaner to handle than earthworms. I hadn’t used them before as bait, just as frog food. They are on my shopping list before this weekend which will be our first chance to fish since the class. They are really excited for it. I hope they do well.

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