Our Pet Mantis

While letting the dog out in the morning, Daniel found a very small praying mantis outside. He caught it to show everyone. Jason was really excited when he came to tell me.

From a couple of years ago, we had a mantis kit meant to hatch and keep them. I got the mantis cage and brought it out. We put the mantis in the cage and have been keeping it since then.

It has grown more than double its original size and has shed twice since we’ve had it. It doesn’t have a name because Jason doesn’t want it to have a name. We’ve been feeding it whatever insects we can catch and get in the cage with it. We have also gotten fruit flies at the pet store to feed it, but at this point they are rather small for it.

We intend to keep it till it’s pretty large and has a good chance of surviving out on its own. When it was small, we thought it was likely to end up as food. For now. it’s an interesting animal to watch and study.

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